KFUM Fryshuset BS U14M

Registration number: 28
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Leader: Valentino Labbart
Jenny Håkanson
Third place and the bronze medal of Playoff 1-4
KFUM Fryshuset BS was one of five clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Copenhagen Invitational 2019. They participated with one team in U14 Men.

In addition to KFUM Fryshuset BS, 7 other teams from 6 different countries played in U14 Men. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof KFUM Fryshuset BS could be found in Group H together with Niedersachsen BBV, Luxembourg and Ullern IF.

KFUM Fryshuset BS comes from Stockholm which lies approximately 520 km from Farum, where Copenhagen Invitational takes place. Other than KFUM Fryshuset BS, the club Södertälje BBK does also originate from the area around Stockholm.

5 games played


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