Copenhagen Invitational 2018

International Basketball Tournament 14-17th June 2018

Copenhagen Invitation

Copenhagen Invitational

Copenhagen Invitational is an exclusive basketball tournament recognized by FIBA Europe for some of the very best U14 and U15 national teams. Among these are also other selected teams invited. The aim of the tournament is: Serving the national federations in developing players, coaches and referees. This is done by give all three parties the best possible conditions to prepare and develop for the next level. The event is created in a competitive, friendly and safe environment.

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Copenhagen Invitational was founded in 2008 as a local tournament and since then the interest has grown year by year thanks to a large group of volunteers. Today the tournament host more than 30 teams and runs a referees education program. Every visitor and participant with the tournament must feel the best possible treatment and will be warm "Velkommen til Copenhagen Invitational".